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    Party Hard – Day & Night – Drink Costellos

    Date: 16 Dec 2015

    Surviving the Festive Season

    Christmas is the time for parties. You can’t miss them. You don’t want to miss them, even if they are all lined up one day after another. Remember, its a marathon not sprint.

    They nearly all involve a Christmas tipple and even the most unlikely of event can turn into a session if you’re not careful.

    ‘Survive’ should not be your aspiration, you want to ‘Thrive’ in the seasonal festivities as they come but once a year.

    ‘Thrive, How?’ I hear you ask.


    Drink Costellos

    Here are 4 reasons you should drink Costellos this Christmas.

    1. Costellos has a lower ABV
      You can enjoy your few pints with lessened risk of going over the edge. Nobody wants to be that person that your friends have to look after.
    2. Only the finest ingredients used
      Because we source the best produce for every brew we’re packing Costellos with vitamins, minerals and proteins – the vital ingredients in avoiding that crushing hangover. Ask anyone who is already a convert.
    3. You know what you’re drinking
      There’s no mystery in our beer except maybe how we make it so delicious. But all the ingredients you are familiar with – Water, Barley, Hops & Yeast.
    4. Costellos is a local product
      Your euro stays in the Kilkenny economy. The majority of Costellos suppliers are all Kilkenny based. We make a special effort to source everything locally as we want Costellos Brewing Company to play a role in creating a sustainable economy for Kilkenny. This might not help your hang over but it should help your conscience if you live and work in the area Kilkenny.

    So in summary, Drink Costellos and you’ll be fine.

    Happy Christmas folks, enjoy it. And please remember to drink responsibly.

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