We believe passionately in Kilkenny’s ability to be self-sufficient. As a community, a city, we have the skills, resources and supports to look after ourselves. Kilkenny should lead the way, in how cities need to evolve to thrive. When it comes to food and drink, our passion for self-sufficiency grows into an obsession. We started this brewing company to ensure the craft of brewing in Kilkenny flourishes. Our city needs our brewers as much as we need our butchers, bakers and candlestick makers.

Gerald packed in the day job (Gabrielle now pays all the bills) and started the adventure. Our good friends in Kildare allow us use their shiny brewery, until our own is up and running later this year.

Ireland and Kilkenny in particular have unique beer styles. Our commitment is to use this heritage and experience to craft the next generation of beers.