• 1st Birthday #1

    1st Birthday party

    Date: 15 Aug 2015

    We celebrated our 1st Birthday last Saturday. It was a typical 1 year old’s birthday party, loads of singing, well actually about 20 renditions of “Happy Birthday”, party poppers, and lashings of Pints, Costellos of course.

    You may have seen us, we were the travelling mariachi band in the distinctive Costellos colours. We started in Billys and sang a rendition or 5 of Happy Birthday to every Costellos Tap in Kilkenny. We also gave out a free pint to anyone wanting to join the party. A great night finished over a few tasty pints in The Pumphouse, where we refrained from anymore singing.

    2nd Birthday is already in the planning & you’re all invited, again. Bring a guitar if you have it.

    1st Birthday #2