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    #KilkennyDay 2020

    Date: 09 Oct 2020

    It’s the day to celebrate everything wonderful about #Kilkenny.

    Well we had a good look into what’s wonderful about Kilkenny back in 2013 before we launched Kilkenny’s first new brewery in “yonks”.


    It turns out we’ve much to be proud of in our history, and that’s ignoring Sport, Castles and Cathedrals for a while.

    One piece of Kilkenny history that we drew inspiration from was The Tholsel.


    So much so, that we included it in our logo. After 224 years as a central building in Kilkenny, The Tholsel was gutted by fire. In typical Kilkenny character this was not taken lying down and The Tholsel was restored and reborn.

    We drew comparisons to our brewing heritage and decided that Kilkenny brewing needed to be reborn.

    It’s a building with a distinguished character, and we like to brew unique beers, with character.

    So, this #KilkennyDay get out and about, check out your county (you can’t go anywhere else anyway).

    Check out The Tholsel, remember it was reborn, make plans for 2021, and enjoy a beer – A Kilkenny Brewed Beer – A Costellos Brewed Beer.

    Cheers Canice.