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    Christmas Dinner Costellos Style – You’ve tried the grape; it’s time for the Grain

    Date: 16 Dec 2015

    On a typical Christmas Day beer usually plays second fiddle to wine. We’re here to let you know how you can have Christmas dinner Costellos style.

    A typical Irish Christmas day usually involves a few beers in the afternoon and a couple of glasses of wine to accompany the turkey. Some adventurous folk might even pair a few wines with the many courses enjoyed on the 25th. Anyone ever had a dessert wine? I have and it was not what I was expecting.

    Well move aside grape, the grain is here, Barley namely.

    Try pairing an Irish Beer with your Christmas feast. There are loads to choose from, so here are a few ideas.

    If you’re having a beer during the day my advice is to keep it light in body and alcohol; you don’t want to fill up before the feast.

    A few light Pale Ales or a sessionable Red, such as Costellos – The Red, should do the trick.

    My recommendation, that you don’t want to miss, is to pair a bottle of Costellos – The Red with you Christmas pudding, brandy butter and Ice-Cream. The caramel sweetness in The Red will complement the fruit in the pudding and cut through the buttery goodness of the brandy butter. Try it you’ll be impressed.

    If you’re up for it, check out the menu for Christmas dinner Costellos style..


    • It’s Christmas day so the full fry it is with a nice Oatmeal Stout




    If you’re looking for a beer recommendation you won’t go wrong asking the lads in The Wine Centre, John Street, Kilkenny. They have the biggest selection of Irish Micro Brewed Beer and know each beer very well.

    Happy Christmas folks, enjoy it. And please remember to drink responsibly.

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