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    Who’d start a new business? – A new brewery anyone?

    Date: 27 Oct 2015

    I have not had a pay day in 481 days. Such is life since starting my own business. Things are going very well and the future looks bright, but no pay day, yet! So what have I done for the past 16 months? Stick with me and I’ll tell all. We went for a few beers yesterday (Sunday) after packing up our bar at Savour Kilkenny. What other industry can you work in, where you take a break from work and enjoy the product? I don’t know any accountants who tap the calculator at home for fun, (if you do, stop and get out and enjoy yourself) and I should know being one of them.

    Anyhow, we got ourselves settled in a nice place, ordered some food and beers and chatted through the busy day. One thing I’m still getting to grips with is the transition to wind down and chill out mode. I’m told I was a bit “Hangry”, after a food festival? A few beers and a tasty feed sorted both problems and we had a great night, ending in the early hours celebrating with the Clara boys in Dunbell.

    With the bank holiday today I’ve decided to take the rest of the day off and spend some much needed time with my family. They have a song about the business and love to sing it to me; I’ll give you all a verse at some stage. “Left, Right, Left Right Left, I had a good job and I left . . . . . .”

    Savour Kilkenny is a great festival and I remember its first days in the market yard when I first met some of Kilkenny’s food producers. We’re now amongst that crew and proud to be so. Long may it last.

    I’m Gerald Costello and together with my wife Gabrielle Carroll we founded and run Costello’s Brewing Company. We’re on a mission to bring the brewing industry back to life in Kilkenny. Roll on the new brewery and pay day. Enjoy.

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