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    12 Pubs of Christmas

    Date: 05 Dec 2016

    12 Pubs of Christmas

    It’s become a ‘Rite of Passage’ for the Christmas reveller these days. A monstrous feed at lunch time is coupled with a questionable Christmas Jumper and you’re ready for your annual 12 pubs of Christmas.

    It’s 12 pubs and not 12 pints, thankfully, as 12 pints is usually too much for even the most seasoned beer gut, so there’s no shame in trying a few halves along the way.

    Check out the Costello’s route below.

    The Costello’s Route

    1. Brewery Corner – The biggest selection of Irish Micro Brewed Beers in Kilkenny.
    2. The Pumphouse – Check out the music and the best pint of Costellos in town.
    3. Bollards Bar & Bistro – Time to check out Kieran’s Craft Beer Sample Board
    4. Kytelers Inn – Old world style, drink in the cavern down stairs, Costellos on Draught here too.
    5. The Hole In The Wall – The most unique pub and atmosphere in Kilkenny. Class.
    6. Paris Texas – Get the feed in as well, something from the smoker I recommend.
    7. The Club House Hotel – A bottles of The Red is your only man, and relax, the chairs are too comfortable.
    8. The Front Room – The newbie to Kilkenny, savage pints on a short draw and as cosy as “your front room”.
    9. Bridies Bar @ Langtons – Everyone knows it and everyone needs to visit. Enjoy
    10. Langtons – A pint of Costellos in a Kilkenny institution, don’t miss this one.
    11. JB Burkes – A favourite haunt of the Kilkenny barman, the local’s local.
    12. Billy Byrnes – Check out what’s on the Kilkenny Craft Beer Festival Rotation tap.

    Happy Christmas folks, enjoy it. And please remember to drink responsibly.